The Homecoming of Katiana Kay


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Katiana Kay is an american Two-Piece Model and Social media influencer. She was born on February 23, 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.”


Katiana Kay was born on October 11, 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia. When she was six years old, her parents divorced and she and her mother moved to the United States. Katiana has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Russia and has been living in the U.S. since she was six years old. She is a high school student at Talon High School in Portland, Oregon and plans to study business administration at college.

Katiana first came to prominence when she won the 3rd season of America’s Got Talent in 2015 as part of the duo The Kay Brothers with her brother Dimitri. Since then, she has toured extensively with her band and released two albums: Home (2016) and World Tour (2018). In December 2018, Katiana announced that she would be touring again in 2019 as part of the Christmas tour with Michael W Smith and we are excited to see what new songs she will bring to our screens!

The Homecoming of Katiana Kay

Katiana Kay was one of the most daring and successful women of her time. Born in 1892 to immigrant parents, she spent much of her childhood working on her family’s farm in New York State. She eventually moved to California to pursue a career in law, but found that she was not content with the conventional path that was open to her. In the early 1920s, Kay went on a journey that would change her life: she traveled to India to become a Buddhist nun. While in India, Kay became involved with the nationalist movement, and when she returned to America she became an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and social justice.

Kay’s advocacy led to many important opportunities. In 1930, she was appointed as the first female assistant attorney general in California. Two years later, she became the first woman elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. In 1934, she was elected as the United States Senator from California, becoming only the second woman ever to be elected to U.S. Senate (the first being Rebecca Latimer Felton).

While in office, Kay fought tirelessly for civil rights and social justice for all Americans. She is perhaps best known for her work on behalf of women’s rights and labor

What is Models?

There are many types of models, but all models share a few common qualities. Models are typically tall and thin with delicate features. They often have a delicate look that is perfect for advertising or photo shoots that require a high degree of accuracy. Models also typically have a great sense of fashion and often wear the latest trends in their industry.

Types of Models

There are a variety of types of models that work in the fashion industry. Among these are professional models, semi-professional models, and amateur models. Professional models typically have experience and training in modeling, and often work for agencies. Semi-professional models are typically younger than professional models, and may or may not have professional training. Amateur models are typically people who just want to be model-like people, without necessarily having any prior experience or training. There are many different types of amateur modeling, but some common ones include fashion week shows, catalogues, and runway activities.

Why does Katiana want to be a Model?

Katiana Kay is a model because she wants to inspire other young girls to believe in themselves and chase their dreams. She was born in Russia but has lived in many different countries, including the United States, England, and Italy. Katiana has always loved fashion and modeling, even when she was younger. She remembers modelling for her dollhouses and pretending she was a runway model. When Katiana moved to the United States at age 17, she started modeling locally and then started travelling around the country for various campaigns. After a few years of hard work, Katiana now works regularly with top fashion brands such as Lululemon Athletica, BCBGMAXAZRIA, and Levi’s. In addition to modelling, Katiana also loves performing arts including acting, dancing, and singing. She hopes to use her platform to inspire other young girls to chase their dreams and never give up on their aspirations.

How does it feel to be a two piece model?

It feels amazing to be a two piece model! I love the freedom and flexibility that this type of modeling offers. It’s great to be able to show my true self to the world and I am truly grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Facts about Models

Katiana Kay has been a model for over 10 years. She is originally from Russia but now lives in the United States. She has worked with some of the top modeling agencies in the world and has appeared in many high-profile campaigns. Her latest project is a campaign for Lululemon Athletica.

Katiana Kay is best known for her runway work, but she also does shoots for magazines and advertising campaigns. She is very versatile and can do anything from fashion to beauty shots. Katiana Kay is also a spokesperson for a number of charities, including Make-A-Wish Foundation and Save The Children.

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