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This story of grave robbery in Michigan’s Upper Thumb illustrates how far-flung the crime can reach. The grave robbers were apprehended, and it was discovered that they had been preying on old graves in the area for several years.


Grave robbing has been an issue in Michigan’s Upper Thumb for years. It seems that wherever people live, there is always the fear of being robbed. However, this fear seems to be more prevalent in Michigan’s Upper Thumb than anywhere else.

Since the 1990s, there have been several cases of grave robbing in the area. The most recent case occurred in 2016 when a man stole a deceased woman’s jewelry and left her body at a cemetery.

The fear of robbery is so great that some people have even been known to bury their money and jewelry near their graves in order to protect them. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be working very well.

What is the Upper Thumb Village?

The Upper Thumb Village is a small town in Michigan that has been plagued by grave robbing. A group of people have been stealing graves from the local cemetery, and selling the remains to medical researchers.

The Upper Thumb Village Police Department is working to find the people responsible for the grave robbing, and to stop them from continuing their crimes.

What is a Grave Robber’s Toolkit?

A grave robber’s toolkit includes a knife, a screwdriver, and a crowbar. Grave robbers use these tools to break into graves to steal jewelry, money, and other valuables.

Who are the Grave Robbers Really?

There have been grave robbers in Michigan’s Upper Thumb for as long as anyone can remember. The most well-known of these criminals is known as the “Gravedigger Bandit.” This bandit has been responsible for at least four burglaries of graves in the area over the past few decades. In each of these cases, the robber has taken coins, jewelry, and other personal belongings from the graves. While no one knows for sure who the Grave Robber Bandit is, many people believe that he or she is a member of a motorcycle gang.

How did they get to Bay Port and Sebewaing Village?

When people think of Michigan, they may think of the big cities like Detroit and Lansing. But what many people don’t know is that Michigan also has a lot of small towns with charming downtowns and lovely villages. One such town is Bay Port, located in the Upper Thumb region of the state. And although it’s smaller than some of Michigan’s other settlements, it has a quite mysterious history.

Bay Port was once a bustling seaport and commercial center. But over the years, it has slowly declined, largely due to the decline of the lumber industry. Today, Bay Port is mainly known for its haunted locations – including Grave Robbing Hill, which is said to be haunted by a ghost named Mrs. Jorgenson. In addition to Grave Robbing Hill, Bay Port also has several other places that are allegedly haunted by spirits, including Sebewaing Village and the Memorial Bridge.

So how did these towns get their creepy reputations? There are several theories about why Bay Port and Sebewaing Village are so spooky, but most people believe that it’s due to their history of grave robbing. According to legend, Bay Port was once home to a group of robbers

The First Attack How many attacks have there been in Michigan’s Upper Thumb since May 2015?

‘The idle ‘prentice at play in the church yard during divine service’, plate III of Industry and Idleness, 1747; The idle apprentice plays hustle-cap with some pickpockets and a shoeblack on a tombstone. The parish beadle prepares to strike him with his cane. (Photo by Guildhall Library & Art Gallery/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Since May, there have been at least four attacks in Michigan’s Upper Thumb, including one attack on a grave. These attacks have left the community on edge and some residents are asking how safe their area really is.

The first attack took place on May 18th when three men allegedly broke into a cemetery and stole a tombstone. Two of the men were later arrested, but the third suspect remains at large.

Since then, there have been two more grave robberies in the area. On July 4th, a group of people allegedly robbed a grave while leaving racist messages on the victim’s tombstone. And on September 12th, another group of people allegedly pulled a similar prank on a different grave.

In both cases, the victims had to call the police to report the vandalism. Despite being armed with rocks and knives, the perpetrators were unsuccessful in stealing anything from the graves.

While it’s unclear whether these attacks are linked, they’ve left residents feeling unsafe. Some have even suggested that the area may be too dangerous to live in anymore.

As crime rates tend to go up during times of economic downturns, this seems to be yet another example of how a downturn can lead to increased


The article discusses potential grave robbing in Michigan’s Upper Thumb area. One example is the case of a 64-year old woman whose body was found with her hands and feet bound in plastic wrap. It is unknown if she was killed or if her body was dumped there as a prank.

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