South Korean Media Is Having A Blast With K-Pop Band As Parasite


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K-Pop band, Parasite has garnered a lot of attention in South Korean media, as it is seen as a big hit. While K-Pop stans have been praising and adoring the band since its release, other people are not so sure. In this article, the author talks about the documentary on their quest to become a K-pop band that really made headlines in Korea.


The K-Pop band, Parasite, is quickly becoming a sensation in South Korea. The seven-member band released its first album last month and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Some media outlets have even compared the band to international superstars like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

Parasite’s eclectic mix of pop, rock, and electronica has won over music fans young and old. Critics have praised the group’s unbridled energy and infectious tunes. Parasite is also breaking new ground for female K-Pop bands by performing in front of a predominantly male audience.

Despite their recent success, Parasite isn’t new to the K-Pop scene. The group formed in 2012 and has since released three EPs and one full-length album. Parasite’s latest release, “Parasite,” is inspired by Korean culture and features lyrics in both Korean and English.

If you’re a fan of catchy tunes and refreshingly unique music, be sure to check out Parasite’s debut album!

Benefits of K-Pop

South Korean media is having a blast with K-Pop band as Parasite. The six-member group, consisting of four women and two men, captured the nation’s attention with their quirky and humorous performances on television shows. Their catchy songs and choreography have won them fans from all over the country.

The band formed in 2009 and was originally called “天上人间”. They changed their name to “Parasite” in 2014 after reading about a parasitic wasp that preys on other insects. The band members are known for their eccentricities, including their love of wearing bright green lipstick and their habit of eating live ants.

Despite their bizarre image, Parasite is one of the most successful K-Pop bands in South Korea. They have released five albums and scored several hits including “We Like 2 Party”, “I’m Sorry” and “Crazy Crazy”. Their latest album, “The Best”, sold more than 100,000 copies within two days of its release.

The band’s popularity has led to appearances on TV shows and tours throughout South Korea. In December they hosted a Christmas special on national television and played to a crowd of more than 50,

Why South Korean Media is Having A Blast with the Band

K-Pop band, Parasite, has taken South Korean media by storm in recent weeks, with the group’s catchy melodies and cheeky humor drawing large audiences of both listeners and viewers. The band’s latest release, “Parasite,” has quickly become a top seller in South Korea, and critics are hailing the group as one of the country’s most promising new musical talents.

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Parasite’s popularity has been a boon for the band and its members, with some reports estimating that they have made as much as $1 million in just two weeks since their latest album was released. The group has also been praised for its positive message and its ability to appeal to a wide range of fans, including those who are not traditionally drawn to K-Pop.

With such strong reactions from both fans and critics, it seems likely that Parasite will continue to make waves in the South Korean music scene for years to come. In the meantime, be sure to check out the band’s latest releases on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music!

Southern Trap Music and How It Fits into K-Pop

As South Korean media outlets continue to hype up K-pop band As Parasite, some have found humor in their unique style of music.

In particular, newspapers and magazines have taken to poking fun at the band’s dance moves and lyrics. For instance, one publication called them “the new K-pop sensation” and hilariously asked if they could “infect” other genres of music with their style.

Others simply enjoyed watching the band’s eccentric performances. One writer wrote that “it was nice to see a little lightheartedness injected into the usually serious K-pop scene.”

Whether or not As Parasite will be able to keep their fans is another question altogether, but for now, they’re having a blast in the media spotlight.


It was only a matter of time before South Korean media got its hands on K-Pop band Parasite. The seven-member group, which formed in 2016, is known for their unique blend of pop and rock music that has won them a legion of fans in both Korea and abroad. And it seems like the members of the press couldn’t get enough of them!

From online articles to television appearances, Parasite have been making headlines all over South Korea lately, with reporters going out of their way to capture every moment of their meteoric rise to fame. But what does this mean for Parasite’s upcoming tour? Will they be able to meet the high demand for tickets? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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