Måneskin’s Thomas Raggi: “My Main Guitar Is Still A Squier”


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In this article, Måneskin guitarist Thomas Raggi speaks about his love for Squiers and how they’ve helped him develop as a musician. He shares his experience of owning and playing various Squiers, and explains why he believes they’re still the best guitar for the average player.

What is a Squier Guitar?

For Thomas Raggi, the guitarist for progressive metal band Måneskin, his main guitar is still a Squier. “I’ve been playing Squiers for almost 20 years,” he says. “They’re really reliable and they hold up well to abuse.”

Squier is a well-known brand among guitar players, thanks in part to their affordability and consistent quality. “I think Squiers are great value for the price,” Raggi says. “You get a lot of features for your money.”

One reason why Squiers are so popular is their wide range of options. You can find models that are perfect for every player’s needs, from beginner guitars to high-end instruments. “There’s something for everyone on the Squier lineup,” Raggi says.

Raggi has had success with his Squiers both in professional settings and in his own personal practice time. “They’re always good for a jam session or learning new riffs,” he says. “My Main Guitar Is Still A Squier”

Why is it Still a Squier?

Squier is a guitar brand that has been around for many years and it is still popular today. There are many reasons why this might be the case, but one of the main reasons is that Squier guitars are affordable and they provide great sound.

The company was started in 1966 by George Fullerton and his brother-in-law, Joe Castiglione. The first Squier guitars were made out of plywood and featured simple designs that appealed to beginners. As the brand grew, Squier began to develop more complex models that could compete with more expensive brands. Today, Squier offers a wide range of instruments, including guitars, basses, and amps.

One of the main reasons why Squier guitars are so popular is because they offer amazing sound at an affordable price. Many people believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a guitar to get great sound, but this isn’t always true. In fact, some people believe that you can get a great sounding guitar for under $100.

One example of a guitar that costs under $100 and offers great sound is the Squier Stratocaster® electric guitar. This model features single-coil pickups and a maple neck construction that makes it easy to play. Another great option when it comes to budget guitars is the Epiphone Les Paul® Casino electric guitar. This model features high-quality hardware and sounds great even when played acoustically.

Overall, if

What Makes a Squier Great?

Squier is a company that caters to beginner and intermediate guitar players alike. They make guitars that are affordable, reliable, and have a ton of features. Squier guitars are known for their quality and sound. One of the most popular Squier guitars is the Stratocaster. Thomas Raggi is a musician who uses a Stratocaster as his main guitar. He loves how it sounds and feels.

He has been playing the Stratocaster for over 10 years and has never had any problems with it. He attributes its longevity to the quality construction of the instrument. The Stratocaster is made out of maple wood which gives it a nice sound and smooth playability. The neck on the Stratocaster is also adjustable which allows for a custom fit for each player’s hand.

Thomas says that he would not switch to another guitar if he could because of how great the Stratocaster sounds and feels. He recommends it to any beginner or intermediate guitarist looking for an affordable, reliable, and great sounding guitar option.”

Can You Even Play A Fender Custom Shop Strat on a Squier?

Thomas Raggi is a musician and guitarist who has been playing for over 20 years. He’s played in many bands and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, but his main guitar is still a Squier Strat. Thomas says that he loves the sound and feel of his Squier Strat, and he doesn’t think he would be able to play any other type of guitar on stage. He prefers the neck on his Squier Strat because it feels more comfortable to him.


After years of playing guitar, Thomas Raggi has developed a unique style that is unmistakable. He loves his Squier Stratocaster, which he says is his “main guitar.”

“My main guitar is still a Squier Stratocaster,” Raggi told Noisecreep. “I just really like the way it sounds and the way it feels in my hands.”

Raggi’s love for Squiers goes back to when he was young and started learning to play. His parents bought him a cheap Stratocaster, and the rest is history. “It just became my go-to instrument,” he said. “I never really changed guitars or anything like that; I just stuck with what I liked.”

Raggi’s unique style can be attributed to his powerful tone and fast playing skills. “I always try to play as fast as possible,” he said. “That’s something that comes natural to me.”

Despite his love for Squiers, Raggi says there are some great guitars out there that don’t typically get the recognition they deserve. He particularly recommends checking out Seymour Duncan pickups for your next purchase.

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