Windy City Rehab: Chicago Interior Designer Alison Victoria’s Biggest Challenge


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If you’re like most people, you probably think of Chicago as a beautiful city with endless possibilities. But if you’re a professional interior designer like Alison Victoria, you know that Chicago’s weather can be pretty unpredictable. In this article, we’ll take a look at one of Alison’s biggest challenges – renovating properties in Chicago’s windy weather!

What is Windy City Rehab?

Chicago is known for its harsh windy conditions. This can be a big challenge for any interior designer, but it’s especially difficult when trying to create a cohesive look for a large space like a home. Alison Victoria, a Chicago-based interior designer, has had to face this challenge head-on in her work.

Alison Victoria’s Windy City Rehab project is an ongoing series of home renovations that she completed over the course of two years. The goal was to update and modernize four different homes in the Chicagoland area while keeping their unique character and history intact. Each home required unique solutions due to their different locations and architectural features.

The first home Alison Victoria renovated was located in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood on the city’s west side. This historic home had been in the same family for over 100 years and featured numerous ornate details, including hand-carved woodwork and marble mantelpieces. To keep this heritage alive while updating it for modern living, Alison Victoria chose a vintage aesthetic for the renovation. She used reclaimed materials from local stores and craftsmen to create an eclectic look that preserved the original features of the house while updating it with fresh contemporary elements.

The second property Alison Victoria worked on was located in Lincoln Park near Wrigley Field. This stately brick mansion had been vacant for years when she took on its renovation project in 2016. Due to its location close to one of Chicago’s most iconic landmarks, Alison Victoria knew she would

How Alison Victoria got into Interior Design

Alison Victoria is a Chicago-based interior designer with years of experience under her belt. But when she relocated to the Windy City, she found herself facing one of her biggest challenges yet: finding a niche in an already competitive field.

“I originally moved to Chicago because I love the city and its energy,” Alison says. “But when I got here, it was really hard to find my place in the landscape of interior design. There are so many talented designers in Chicago, and it’s hard to stand out.”

Fortunately, Alison has always been driven by creativity rather than competition. So she decided to focus on creating unique spaces that reflect the personality of her clients. And since most people don’t have time to go through countless designs before making a decision, Alison started working with virtual clients instead. This has allowed her to create more personalized designs that meet everyone’s needs (including those who are reluctant to visit traditional spaces).

So far, Alison’s approach seems to be paying off. She’s received positive feedback from both her online and real-world clients, and she’s now planning her next project – a boutique hotel in downtown Chicago!

What is a

Alison Victoria is a Chicago interior designer who has recently begun working with windy city rehab clients. For her, the biggest challenge has been accommodating for the extreme weather conditions.

“I think the biggest challenge is that you’re always having to account for wind and rain,” she said. “If you have any windows open, be prepared for wind and rain coming in…You need to make sure your furniture is anchored down so it doesn’t shift.”

Victoria also suggests using blackout shades if necessary in order to block out light and reducestress levels during those long, dark days. “Light can be really disruptive when it’s constantly blasting in your face,” she said. “Blackout shades are a great way to decrease stress and get a good night’s sleep.”

What has been the biggest challenge for Alison in her career?

Alison Victoria has worked as an interior designer in Chicago for more than a decade, but her biggest challenge has always been representing the city’s unique character in her designs. “Chicago is such a versatile and eclectic city,” she says. “There are so many different neighborhoods with their own personality and style, so it’s important to be able to capture that in each project.”

One of the challenges Alison faces is bridging the gap between traditional design sensibilities and the Chicago landscape. “Most designers are used to working with models or drawings that represent what they want a space to look like,” she explains. “But in Chicago, spaces can be so different depending on the neighborhood they’re in.” To illustrate this point, Alison shares a story about one of her most recent projects: a renovation of an old brick warehouse into office space.

In order to preserve the architectural features of the building, which included arches and high ceilings, Alison had to come up with a design that fit within its existing context while still looking modern and contemporary.

Despite these challenges, Alison remains optimistic about the future of interior design in Chicago. She points out that there are now more opportunities for creative professionals than ever before, thanks in part to technology-driven changes in how people live and work. “I think there’s still room for growth here,” she says. “So I’m excited about what new ideas and concepts we’ll be able to bring to the table next year.”

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