Top Seven Ways to Buy USDT in Turkey in 2023


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USDT is among the most popular cryptocurrencies in Turkey. After the significant devaluation of the Turkish lira, many investors have opted for the use of USDT, which has proven to be one of the best stablecoins to work with. 

USDT means Tether, which is a cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar. It operates on Bitcoin protocols as well as Ethereum and a couple of other blockchains. Its stability and versatility make it very popular around the world, including Turkey. According to the Investopedia website, USDT is the third largest crypto coin in the world after BTC and ETH. 

It is easy to buy USDT in Turkey either with cash or through a crypto swap if you are interested in joining the Tether community. There are various ways in which one can buy USDT, but here are the top seven ways to buy USDT in Turkey in 2023. 

Buy USDT in Turkey Using CEX Platforms 

CEX platforms are centralized exchanges. These are cryptocurrency exchanges where buyers and sellers trade their cryptocurrencies instantly through an online web platform. In other words, CEX platforms act as a middleman to provide a centralized intermediary for trading. 

To trade using CEX platforms, you will first need to create an account on a trustworthy platform such as NakitCoins and deposit your funds. After this, you can click the buy button and the trade will be instant. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation that USDT has been transferred to your account. It is best to transfer your Tether into a secure wallet.

Buy USDT in Turkey Using DEX Platforms 

A decentralized cryptocurrency is another way to buy USDT in Turkey. This platform allows users to directly trade their USDT without having to work with any middlemen such as centralized platforms. In other words, the platform connects USDT buyers and sellers. So, the platform links you up with a potential seller, and it’s up to you to meet in person and negotiate on the best price. 

However, modern DEX platforms may help you to complete transactions on the apps at a small fee. Therefore, you still need to create an account, add funds, and then look for an appropriate USDT seller. The main challenge with this is that it is not instant. You have to wait for the seller to accept your request before buying. 

Exchange Platform Mobile Apps 

Exchange platform mobile apps are an easier and faster way to buy USDT in Turkey. All you need to do is download an exchange platform app that supports the trading of USDT in Turkey on your smartphone or tablet. 

The next step is to open an account with the exchange, verify your identity, enter your payment method, and buy your USDT. This is a great option for regular USDT traders who are always on the go because they can link the app with their cash folder and digital wallet for instant trading. But one has to practice precaution by ensuring that the app is well-protected to avoid hacking. 

Physical Office Exchange 

If you are looking to buy USDT in Turkey, a physical office exchange is one of the most trustworthy options to use. There are various physical office exchanges all across the country. It’s up to you to find the most suitable one using a web map or by asking around. 

This gives you the chance to trade USDT in person, so credibility and assurance are offered. The agent at the office will help you to make informed decisions through free advice and other information. The good thing is that you can bring physical cash to buy your USDT. Furthermore, these outlets also accept crypto swaps and will allow you to consider other crypto investments as well.

Bitcoin ATM 

Bitcoin ATMs are cryptocurrency machines that allow crypto buyers to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as USDT. The ATMs are located in various trading places such as shopping malls, gas stations, convenience stores, and many other places. This makes it easier for everyone to buy USDT in Turkey in person. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin ATMs allow USDT trading using cash, credit, or debit cards, making it an easier trading process. All you need to do is pick your preferred payment option, scan your digital wallet, and then follow the USDT buying instruction on the dashboard. If you need to trade crypto while on the go, this is also a great discreet option for travelers. 

Buy USDT Using Bitcoin Kiosks 

Bitcoin kiosks are one of the most convenient and secure ways to buy USDT in Turkey. All you have to do is find a Bitcoin kiosk near you that supports the trading of USDT. To locate one easily, you can use various Bitcoin kiosk apps that will not only give you the location but also guide you through the process. 

The kiosks are convenient when buying USDT worth less money because they are just open booths. However, some are in secure places such as banking halls, so you can feel secure when transacting using cash. Just like Bitcoin ATMs, they also accept credit cards and other popular modes of payment. 

Buy USDT From an Individual That You Know 

An easier way to buy USDT in Turkey is from individuals that you know. This can be your friends, a family member, colleagues, neighbors, etc. You will first agree on the price and exchange method. It is best to deposit cash in their bank account or make payments through their phone for proof of payment. 

You can find a trustworthy seller on social media platforms through reliable recommendations, crypto communities, and even DEX platforms. The only thing you need to do is practice precaution to avoid getting scammed. Turkey is a busy crypto hub and there can be many fraudsters posing as genuine traders. If you are not sure, it is better to try other secure options we have discussed above. 


USDT is among the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies not only in Turkey but worldwide. There are various ways in which you can buy USDT in Turkey today. All you have to do is find a reputable platform and work towards getting the best deals. You can research more to understand how these options work and how to use them without risking your investment.

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