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Unless you live in a cave, you all would surely have come across  term “that girl” from social media and feeds. That girl is a trend that is recently gaining huge popularity making large number of people want to hop on to that trend. Where does it actually came from? What’s the motto behind it? Who introduced it.

  That girl is a trend that is recently gaining huge popularity and most of the girls want to hop on to that trend. Do you know that the viral trend of that girl on social media and feeds is actually great for grooming and developing personally? This trend is followed by majority of female influencers, recording their organized routine which is filled with productivity and healthy habits.

Desiring passionately to be the best version of ourselves is a great initiative to possess. Being that ideal girl that we see in our head might be different for everybody but some particular aspects of our life must be organized in order for us to be the best version of ourselves.

It’s high time we should increase the pace to acheive our goals and set our hopes high for an incredible future in 2023. Do you know that the viral trend of that girl on social media and feeds is actually great for grooming and developing personally. This trend is followed by majority of female influencers recording their organized routine filled with productivity and healthy habits.

 It’s agenda is to become someone possessing beauty with brains.

Have you noticed that nobody wants to be left behind as it creates a sense of not belonging anywhere. Sadly, our Society also gives you more importance when you are successful. We should try to upgrade ourselves while not being insecure about our present traits and lifestyle

Sleep wake cycle:-

Do you know that morning routines are highly addictive and exciting once you try them for a few days.

Morning people have more time to be aware of themselves, to be in the present moment and pause for a while. After that, they can utilize the leftover time to do excercises, to dress nicely and to prepare and eat a healthy breakfast.


They are unlike night owls who are scientifically proven to have a poorer diet and lowered physical performance.

Have you ever felt that when you wake up late you don’t have any desire to do breakfast. At such time we tend to skip our breakfast, leading to another unhealthy habit. It’s pretty obvious that  Ultimately, we’ll become demotivated and lethargic.

Healthy habits:-

Avoid irregular snacking:-

Have you ever caught yourself binge eating a bag of chips while watching an interesting and suspenseful movie? If not, you must have felt the craving at evening to eat snacks or sip tea or coffee. This craving is real and addictive. Our bodies are designed to crave for addictive things so it’s okay  to offer ourselves snacking once in a while but overeating daily can prove to be causing unhealthy consequences later on.


Celebrate a cheat day weekly:-

You all would have gone through those heartbreaking cravings that spoil your entire mood if you don’t get yourself a yummy treat. Instead of eating those irregular snacks on daily basis mark one day out of the whole week to celebrate with a meal of your choice to relish and let your taste buds get some fun for once a week.

Workout routine or excercises

It’s scientifically proven that physical movements boosts immunity, confidence and beats depression and anxiety

 Following are some of the tips to get your body get moving.

  1. Build a workout routine by beginning with something lighter and easier
  2. Keep a track of your progress throughout the workout program to get you going through the journey of self transformation.

Avoid sedentary lifestyle:-

Oversleeping makes you lethargic and demotivated on the other hand being a couch potato Wont do you any good. Have you ever felt that gradually this habit of leaning on to the couches and daydreaming won’t do you any good.

Lying down the most of the time reduces your immunity and strength.

Educate yourself:-

Stay updated about recent trends skills and evolutions. Try to learn different upcoming skills to improve your life and upgrade yourself mentally and physically. Uptodate skills may include kills such as cooking, baking,doing house chores and soft skills communicating and socializing to be successful.

Also educate yourself especially about your favourite topics and explore different ideas, skills and innovations of 2023. Learn about freelancing, get a side hobby that also polishes your skills and gets you money. Expose yourself to different environment to experience novel moments of learning.

Stay hydrated:-

Keep your bodies skin and organs hydrated by the following ways:-

  1. Drinking sufficient amount of water on daily basis.
  2. Drink soups and broth  
  3. Use hydrating serums on your skin specially in winter


Self-care is a crucial part of our lives and includes skin,body and hair care. Following are some self-care tips:-

  1. First of all be sure about the type of skin you own.
  2. Then bring yourself those cleansers, face wash and mask customized and suitable for you.
  3. Never forget the sunscreen as it not only protects you from harmful rays of sun but also from skintan uneven skin tone and dullness.
  4. Hydrate your skin in winters.
  5. Regularly oil your hair.

Revolutionized your diet examples:-

Diet plays a huge role in shaping your health and fitness. If your diet is not appropriate there is no use of any workout programs. It is relatable that we all give in and cannot resist the yummy treats but here comes the real challenge.

If you really love yourself it will get easier. The junk food companies are producing such food that is unsuitable for digestion at daily basis. Avoid all sorts of preserved foods, canned, beverages, too much of caffeine or carbonated drinks.

Some healthy and friendly meals and drinks are as follows:-

  1. Oatmeals
  2. Add ABC juice to your diet.
  3. Smoothies with fruits.
  4. Shakes with pancakes.
  5. French toast.

Eliminate distractions:-

While making a schedule it’s a necessity that you must be aware of the distractions in your routine that are not just draining your time but also your energy. Make a list of all such distractions and cut them off or atleasg eliminate their existence.

Be positive and calm:-

The first and foremost necessity is a calm mind. A  girl radiating positive vibes doesn’t only looks cute but also is more  productive generates better decision and possess better problem solving approaches to different problems in certain areas of life.


Our growth is unlimited and we can grow continuously throughout our lifetime. We learn fail and try again but never stop growing. Meanwhile we also learn to be habitual to get out of the comfort zone. Challenges routines targets and goal settings generates a will to express our potential and energy while giving it a appropriate direction.

That girl for you might be different from someone’s else’s That girl. Embrace the girl of your dreams while never forgetting to own yourself and skyrocket your potential.

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