The ultimate guide to Quizizz, a modern and gamified approach to learning


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Quizizz is an online gaming assessment tool designed specifically for students belonging to different age groups. The primarily purpose of this tool is to let student assess themselves or enabling the instructors to create quiz questions effectively. It is deliberately used by the students to prepare of objective type exam questions efficiently.

This app also offers a free as well as paid option. The paid one is called Quizizz super. This version has advance features to remove unwanted ads to customize audio video and add them and many m

Extensive variety of quiz questions:-

 For preparation of subjective type question, a separate specific section named as interactive lessons is recommended. You might would have used different apps for learning but this one offers a number of options to choose from.

There is separate section for school, work and personal use. You can search any topic such as math, algebra computer programming psychology, arts and respective subjects further divided into sub-fields. This platform charges absolutely no fee for registration or joining but is free and only demands an internet connection


It’s usage is spread all over the globe and has been utilized by reputable institutions of United Kingdom and other countries worldwide. 100 countries have been reported to use this app regularly.

Quizizz is approachable by both elementary and middle school-aged students. It is suitable and complements their style of learning too. Healthy competition among younger school fellows is taught. Parents also get to see the feedback reports of their child to examine his or her learning practices.

Unique features:-

Following are the list of it’s unique features.

  • Leaderboards
  • Avatars
  • Memes
  • Feedback
  • Earn points and power-ups  with correct answers

The fun part is that everyone likes memes and guess what, Quizizz might only be the app which displays highly relatable and funny memes to give you a dose of laughter after solving the questions. This app makes you want to engage yourself deeply and hooks you to stick till the end due to its exciting features.

How to use it as a teacher:-

This app allows not only the students but also the instructors. It enables the teachers to not only create new quiz but also to edit a previous existing quiz. Anyone can use this app but if you an adult and want to learn by engaging your higher level thinking skills then it might not be for you

Quizizz allows the staff and faculty of any institute to create quizzes through customization with a gamified approach towards learning.  Students can receive their result sheet or evaluation report after they are done with the quiz.

 Instructors show them their results to readdress the answers and make them learn from their mistakes for better grades in the future.  It assists in learning for educational purposes including teaching and learning. It lets you  get prepared for your group work activities, exams, and CAT or impromptu tests.

As it allows their administration through the platform. But for that teacher and student need to be present online. Teachers must create an account, but for students it’s optional.

Following are the words of a high school teacher Shelby Cameron

“Students are motivated by the power-ups, points, and sense of competition with their classmates. Students cheer when a classmate uses a power-up that helps everyone, and it encourages the community some students desperately need.”

Shelby Cameron

High School Teacher

Teachers also report that students like to stay engaged in this friendly, gaming atmosphere. Lesser complains of children with lower focus are received by the teachers.

How to use if you are a student:-

For students this app offers two modes of studying that is individual and collective. If you are a student and want to individually study with your teacher then you can ask your teacher to generate a link and send it to you. Now you can solve the questions on daily or weekly basis  anywhere and at any time.

Self study

Results can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet for analysis post assessment. Record of results can be kept to examine self study pace and encourage self learning.

Group study:-

You can also collaborate with other students for group study. After preparing for you specific subject you can evaluate each other using Quizizz. Sub field categories promote collective learning of a single subject effectively.

Words of a mother of students:-

Quizizz is very well suited for my elementary and middle school-aged students. It is fast-paced, competitive, and keeps their attention.”


  1. It is not comprehensive as other quiz-making platforms. For example, it doesn’t offer subjective questions and higher level thinking queries are not solved by this app.
  2. It requires an internet connection.
  3. It displays more features on desktop as compared to mobile.
  4. Timer cannot be turned off which results in a rush to solve questions. This type of assessment is not suitable if you are doing it for learning purposes.

Premium plan:-

  • There is a limitation of the number of questions that can be asked and this limitation is removed by the premium plan.
  • You cannot copy and edit any featured slides. quiz or presentation unless you have to a premium plan.
  • Interactive videos are also not available for free but  locked behind a premium plan..


Quizizz brought a revolution in learning institutions. It was purely a simple quiz game which turned into a fun learning experience. It’s competitors include Kahoot, Google Classroom, Near Pool and Pear Duck. In this era of virtual world, tools like Quizizz must be utilized effectively to maximize learning benefits. As a student you can save your time and energy by having this tool on your gadgets.

The only problem people face is that some advance features were once free but now they can only be purchased with a premium plan. However, it doesn’t negate the overwhelming proof of their variety of excellent features available free. Therefore, it  is recommended to engage in using this app and also motivate your fellows friends and family in your community to complement your learning enthusiasm.

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