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Vacation traveling:-

Vacation traveling is a renowned activity  For which people take time off from their daily routines to visit new destinations and explore different cultures.

It allows the individuals to take a break from their daily life or hectic routine and makes them come out of their shells. It makes them feel stress fee and happy by relaxing their moods. Mother nature is capable of soothing and relaxing our nerves. It’s a good practice to allow yourself to feel relax for some time in a year. While going on a vacation, leave your worries behind and don’t think about your responsibilities. Instead, rejuvenate by creating awesome memories.

However, if you are planning to go on a trip, consider some factors beforehand for smooth journey. These factors are as following:-

  1. Choose a destination.
  2. Plan the duration of your travelling.
  3. Establish a secure budget plan.
  4. Research thoroughly of youur accomodation sites.
  5. Plan and prepare a convenient mode of transportation.
  6. Plan activities for making lasting memories.
  7. Keep your travel documents ready for bookings and other requirements.
  8. Take precautionary measures and medicines for health safety.
  9. Pack all your required essentials.
  10. It’s better to have a travel insurance for your safety.

Remember, vacation traveling is about enjoying new experiences, so remain flexible and open to unexpected adventures along the way. Happy travels!

Baie Du Cap Savanne:-

When it comes to beautiful destination Baie Du Cap Savanne stands as a mesmerizing destination that has successfully made millions of people love with its sight. It beckons the travelers who are looking for unparalleled beauty, enchantment and refreshing views. This hidden gem consist of a captivating blend of awe-inspiring landscapes, beautiful diverse cultures and an array of experiences that are ready to leave the viewers spellbound.

Majestic mountains are standing in the distance from the location and their peaks are being kissed by the cotton candy clouds. Additionally, beauty of cascading waterfalls enhance the view by creating a symphony of serenity and peace. Some pristine lakes glisten like mirrors and reflect the beautiful reality of that place. It makes the vistors immerse themselves in that peaceful environment.

The scenes will make you feel like you have been stepped in an unreal painting and that painting had come to life.  Wander through charming cobblestone streets adorned with colorful bougainvillea, where the aroma of local delicacies wafts through the air.

Discover the ancient civilizations that will tell you the tales of bygone civilizations and cultures. This place is  nature’s artistry and illustrates the richness of human culture. It is a place where dreams come true and eyes sparkle with the beauty they perceive at every moment.

Few things To Do In Baie Du Cap Savanne

Are you heading to Mauritius soon? If you are looking for a low-key vacation in this beautiful country, then I have got you covered. It’s better to go to the places that are less known and less explored by the majority because you can sense peaceful environment and fresh air in quiet places. While in other places you can easily get distracted and annoyed due to large number of people getting in your way.

The crowd of people can result in limited booking seats to be left and chaotic environment in various restaurants. In food streets you may have to wait longer in ques which wastes your time. Fortunately, Baie Du Cap Savanne is a quiet place that respects your privacy and makes you feel relaxed in the soothing fresh air.

There are a lot of small towns and beach spots in Baie Du Cap Savanne that are just perfect for a peaceful getaway in the country. Baie du Cap, Savanne is one of these amazing places. There are no doubt lot of places to explore but luckily you can also do a lot of fun activities here to have the best time of your life. Read this article till the end to explore the activities without any further delay.

6 Things To Do In Baie Du Cap Savanne

1. Rent a car:-

Renting a car is definitely one of the-most convenient thinngs in Baie Du Cap Savanne. It is convenient due to the fact that it has many motorways. Amazingly, it’s coastal rides are also widespread enhancing the beauty of the area.

It’s pretty obvious that in vacation sites, taxis demand a large amount of money to be your mode of transportation. Instead of relying on taxis, rent out a car for your own comfort and convenience. It’s obvious that there is nothing more comforting than having your own car to ride with freedom of places and time. You are not limited and restricted to be at a certain place at a certain time. For couples who want to go for honeymoon , Baie Du Cap Savanne is no doubt the best place.

The price range per car is approximately 9000 INR onwards.

Luckily, the cars you rent out will be at your service 24 by 7 and you will be able to see beautiful sugarcane plants , centre of the city and different malls at your own will. You can have a romantic long drive with your partner while enjoying the beauty of the nature.

2. Buy the traditional products:-

On this beautiful vacation, don’t forget to explore the exotic island. Here, you get access to variety of products , animals , dairy products, cattles, sheep , fruits and vegetables. Other than that you get natural fruit juices, traditional clothing’s and beautiful home decor products. All these products are at a reasonable price with high quality.

Here are the names of the places you can visit additionally, for shopping purposes.

  • Grand Baie Bazar.
  • Quatre Bornes.
  • Goodlands.

Here, buying the beautiful traditional clothes is a must. You can wear these to impress your partner. Indeed every exotic place should have a market to make its viewers fall in love with the variety of it’s products.

3. Try their flavourful food:-

The Mauritian land in Baie Du Cap Savanne provides a splendid blend of Creole, African, Indian and Chinese foods.

Say no to missing out on such a great opportunity. Here you can explore different cuisines of the world and appreciate their cultural differences. Make sure you try treat food as well as a romantic fine dinner.

  • Mauritian streets is famous for its dholl puri with hot paste.
  • Dewa & Sons on Rose Hill
  • Chapeau La Paille in Port Louis.
  • Oberoi in Mauritius.

4. Sky Dive:-

If you are going there for your honeymoon then head overs to Mauritius during summers. In this time you can enjoy a fun-based adventure activity that’s unimaginable in other areas.

Do you want to touch the sky or are afraid to touch the heightenings  of the sky? Have you ever gotten the opportunity before to get rid of your height phobia and explore the town with a new vision. Skydiving has to be one of the things to do in Mauritius. Head to the north east side of the island.

Here, you can have a beautiful aerial view with approximately 10,000 sq ft skydive. The 360- view of Mauritius is another chance of creating a lasting memory that’s unforgettable and unique. No words are enough to describe the experience, only the senses can perceive but not express.

Approximate pricing of skydiving in Mauritius is given below:-

Skydiving Price: INR 25,000 onwards

5. Scuba Diving

Have you explored the bold green and blue color of a marine body in Mauritius before? It’s worth spending your money to view this beautiful scenery. The peaceful silence of the sea will drive you crazy. This sea is one of the rare place where not only the experts but laymen are also given an opportunity to try scuba diving.

This is an exhilarating experience for the visitors and must not be missed. Additionally, you can carefully listen to the instructions given to you and must not try new things in the water if you are a beginner. Instead, be slow in the first turn and continue to take guidance from an expert to know clearly about the ropes. Ask questions if you are unclear and confused. If you have a water phobia or asthma, it’s suggested that you shouldn’t give it a try.

The venue is given below:-


Colorado and Roche Zozo located off Blue Bay on the southern coast of Mauritius.

6. Visit Gabriel Island:- This island is a must for couples because it is renowned for its quiet environment and peaceful silence. If you are tired after traveling for a long time, you can try relaxing here for a moment with your loved ones. Make the best out of this opportunity and continue to explore as much as you love. Lastly , don’t forget to appreciate the beauty of the nature. You can also give your feedback on different social media platforms for other travelers.

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